Buyers Advocacy / Buyers Agent

As real estate agents, we are highly trained negotiators with years of experience in getting the best price and ‘conditions of sale’ for our vendors.

Therefore whenever you go up against a trained real estate professional you are at a disadvantage!

At TC Real Estate we have instant electronic access at our finger tips to a huge amount of real estate data, such as: sales prices achieved in the area, time on market, advertising price history and ownership. All this helps us help you formulate an offer strategy, to achieve for you the best purchase price possible.

We can represent you as a buyer’s agent

As your representative, we can do all the leg work for you.

We can:

  • Appraise the value of the property you want.
  • Present all the properties that are on the market, not just the ones that have agents who are willing to conjunct.
  • Approach owners who don’t have their properties for sale. Have you ever said to yourself “if that property ever comes on the market, I’m going to buy it”, well we can make this happen for you!
  • Protect your identity. Properties are worth different amounts to different people e.g. you can often put two neighbouring blocks together to create an extra 3 development sites. You may not want the seller to know how keen you are to buy.
  • Negotiate on your behalf.
  • Attend an auction on your behalf or with you. You’re not left to do it alone.
  • Get you the property at the right price with the conditions that suit you.

After all, helping you ‘prosper’ is how we make our living.