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My clients, who are in their eighties had been farming just outside of Albany since the 1950’s. They have always lived a self reliant lifestyle on the land and have run their family farm, doing all the upkeep, mechanical repairs, marketing, financial planning etc themselves.

The property was too much for them to handle and selling it was regrettable but necessary.

I was asked to assist in the sale of their farm, and although not my core business, the principal is the same. They had received an offer from a tree farming organization at $1.54 million.

They explained that this was the absolute maximum that they could pay for the property due to economic conditions, global warming etc. They attempted to down sell the property that they so badly wanted. I advised my clients not to sign anything and that I would be in Albany in the morning.

I drove down to Albany and met with the Buyers at 10am. I told the Buyers that my clients weren’t interested in giving the property away. I looked the Buyer in the eye and said “I have come here to find out if you have any more petrol in your tank”.

By the end of the week after several phone calls and emails, I had negotiated and secured a life tenancy for my clients at no rent in the homestead of their family farm and best of all a cash offer at $1.7 million.

Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it too? While others say that they will go that extra mile, I actually do!

~ tom cooper