Property Management

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Why should you use a Property Manager?

Property Management is an intensive, time consuming mine-field.

The legislation for Property Management is complex and constantly changing. All professional Property Managers are required to be qualified, police licensed, and must attend compulsory professional development training every year.

Probably the most difficult issue is that the entire Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) is so subjective in the way it is written. Large swags of it are littered with terms such as “Fair wear and tear”, “at a reasonable time”, “by negotiation” and “as soon as practical”, all of these are open to interpretation and can only be navigated properly by someone experienced in all aspects of Property Management.

As opposed to all the ‘grey areas’ the RTA also has a lot of hard and fast items that must be followed to the letter, or owners can find themselves liable for large fines. Notices must be served on the correct form, in the correct way, in the correct time period and proof kept and documented. If this is not done, it may affect your insurance coverage, or you have a tenant that you can’t evict.

Property management is not just collecting the rent, that is just a very small part of the job.

It’s getting the right Tenant by advertising the property in the most professional way, promoting the property to the market on the best websites such as REIWA,, Domain & It is about attracting the right tenant, vetting the applications by ringing references & employers and doing background checks through credit agencies and the National Tenancy Data Base.

It’s conforming to the legal requirements and your insurance obligations by using the prescribed Lease, with clauses that protect the owner but don’t void tenancy, drawing up a Property Condition Report that not only conforms with the RTA but it is written in a way that protects the owner should there be a dispute.

It’s the day to day work. As property managers, we are constantly monitoring paid to dates, reminding your tenants when they fall behind and breaching for arrears. We do inspections, give your tenants a gentle prod when there are minor problems, read them the riot act if warranted, send breach notices and when all else fails we represent you in court if required. We organise repairs and maintenance, handle insurance companies and claims, pay any invoices and generally protect your interests and your property. This all occurs without you even knowing that it’s happening (of course we only act within the authority you give us, and we will contact you if there is anything serious) but we take the stress and worry out of the management side of things.


Why would you choose to engage TC Real Estate to manage your property?

This is the difference between a family owned company with a smaller rental portfolio and one of those companies with hundreds or even thousands of managements.

Talk to Tom about how we can take the hassle out of managing your investment property.

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