Supporting ID Documents

ID POints system

Please ensure you supply supporting ID documents worth 100 points with your rental application.

  • Birth Certificate of Extract
  • Citizenship Certificate
  • International Travel Document such as:
    • Current Passport
    •  Uncancelled passport which has expired within the last 2 years
    • Other document of identity which has the same characteristics as a passport (e.g. diplomatic document or similar issued to a refugee) 
NOTE: Only one Primary Document can be accepted per person. 
  •  Licence or permit issued under the law of the Commonwealth, a State or Territory (e.g Australian Drivers Licence)
  • An Identity Card issued to a public employee
  • An identification card issued to a student at a tertiary education institution. 

A person’s name and address may be verified by: 

  • a current employer, or previous employer if within the last 2 years. 
  • a rating authority (e.g land rates)
  • the Credit Reference Association of Australia (subject to the Privacy Act 1988)
  • the Lan Titles Office records. 

A person’s name, address and phone number may be verified by: 

  • reference to the latest telephone directory published by Telstra or by advice provided by Telstra.
  • telephone contact with the signatory on that telephone number. 

Secondary ID documents include:

  • marriage certificate (for maiden name only)
  • credit card
  • council rates
  • telephone account
  • foreign drivers licence
  • Medicare card
NOTE: More that one document can be counted but the must be from a different course. E.g. If two credit cards are provided they must be from different banks. 

A person’s name and address can be verified via:

  • the records of a public utility
  • a record held under the law other than a law relating to land titles.

A person’s name and date of birth can be verified via:

  • the records of a primary, secondary or tertiary education institution attended within the last 10 years. 
  • the records of a professional or trade association of which you are a member.